Need some help with your story structure? Unsure about your language choices?

Contact Janine to discuss your science fiction, fantasy, or romance/erotica manuscript. (She might enjoy other genres, but these are the ones where she has professional experience.)

Janine Southard edited my Diagnosis Love paranormal romance novella, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her editorial suggestions were always spot-on, showing her sensitivity for story development, as well as her ability to focus on the technical aspects of grammar and language structure. She took the time to not only correct, but to also explain, thereby helping me to understand, and further develop, the craft of writing. – Ingrid Michaels

What are the different levels of editing?
Developmental – This is the structural stuff that comes early in your editing process. It covers plot, character, theme, pacing, and anything else that has to do with the business of storytelling.
Line – This is the language stuff, from tightening prose to making suggestions about style.
Copy – Grammar. You know your readers love it.

How much does this cost?
All budgets can benefit from good editing. You don’t know what you can afford until you ask. That said, you can estimate a ballpark figure with this chart from the Editorial Freelance Association. Each contract is a unique snowflake, so get in touch!