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What the Untethered Authors Learned While Writing for this Anthology (part 3)

Welcome to a stop on the Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology blog tour! Each of these posts has been an interview with the authors, sharing aspects of their stories, their creativity, or their projections for the future. On this stop, we’re continuing the “what the authors learned” segment. All authors do research for their stories….

How Not to Write a Series: A Cautionary Tale

The Hive Queen Saga has been a lot of firsts for me. First Kickstarter, first published book, first time using a new plotting system. And first series. One thing that makes The Hive Queen Saga unique has also been my biggest challenge going in to book three: it’s a young adult series with an ensemble…

Things I Learned: Hemlock

My town gets hemlock advisories. You know, the poison that Socrates famously killed himself with? Yeah, it apparently grows on the side of the road in the Pacific Northwest. You’d think someone would go out with a weedwhacker. Or burn all the freeway medians in a panic. But there isn’t any panic at all. Heck,…