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Interview with a SFWA Fantasy Author

If you read my blog, you already know a lot about the inner workings of my mind. Today, you’ll get the inner workings of someone else’s! Let’s have a warm welcome for L. Rowyn, author of The Moon Etherium. ::digital applause ensues:: Rowyn and I are both involved in the SFWA fantasy Storybundle—available till the…

What the Untethered Authors Learned While Writing for this Anthology (part 3)

Welcome to a stop on the Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology blog tour! Each of these posts has been an interview with the authors, sharing aspects of their stories, their creativity, or their projections for the future. On this stop, we’re continuing the “what the authors learned” segment. All authors do research for their stories….

The Next Big Thing: Queen & Commander

Woohoo! I got tagged in The Next Big Thing blog hop, thanks to Victoria Pond, speculative erotic romance writer. This blog hop gives authors the chance to discuss their current projects, and then tag five others for the following week. (I only managed to find four people to tag. Maybe my tag-ees will do better?)…