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Hey, Janine… you said you were giving away a free ebook.

Queen & Commander on sale!I did say that. Thanks for hanging out with me, Daryl, and the gang at the Seattle After Party podcast. Just fill in your email address below to get a free ebook. This one is a space opera adventure. (Did I talk about that on the podcast?)

You want to do this if:

You like space adventure novels. Queen & Commander won a science fiction book award in 2013 and has a 4+ star rating on, so it’s probably pretty okay. On a planet where your test scores determine absolutely everything about your life, six rebels take to the stars instead. In their questionably obtained spaceship, they’re determined to outrun their home planet’s plans for them. Blackmail and kidnappers get in the way.

You want to know my email address. (That bullet point came across kinda creepy. Ooops.) Wanna tell me your feelings about the podcast, my books, the Seattle weather? That’s way easier to do if you have an email addy for me.

You thought I was kinda funny for a non-comedian, and you liked that. I’ve been told that my style of humor leaks into my books, even though they’re not comedies per se. So, there’s that.

Here’s how this works.

You put in your email addy below, and I send you a free ebook copy of Queen & Commander. Of course, then I’ll have your email address and can tell you about all the other cool projects I’m working on, like Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology.

Sound good?

Where can I send your space adventure?

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