Mistaken Identities… with Shapeshifting Cats

I mentioned in my last post that I’d written a new novella. This post is not about that novella. It’s about another one. With shapeshifting cats in space.

With the sequel to Queen & Commander off on its very first round of edits, I have time to wrap up shorter projects. So I’m cleaning up an older novella. One that I originally wrote in 2007.

Wordcloud for a draft of These Convergent Stars novella

These Convergent Stars: It’s hard to remember your identity when you’re a shapeshifter.

Luckily, one of my writing critique partners recommended an editor with availability August. So I contracted her for certain dates and, before I sent it off, figured I’d spend a few days cleaning up the language. I mean, I’ve learned stuff since the previous draft.

It wasn’t just a language edit.

I’d forgotten when I scheduled with the editor that I hadn’t actually finished sections of the novella. The penultimate chapter (then chapter nine, now chapter thirteen) was “CHAPTER NINE: INSERT CLIMACTIC SCENE HERE”. Worse, I needed more punch, so I proceeded to revamp everything after chapter one. (Chapter one is mostly intact. I still love it.)

From the moment I finished the Q&C2 draft until the date I promised These Convergent Stars (working title) to the editor, I worked on those revisions. But, darn it, I finished them! I revamped the plot, wrote new chapters, fixed up some language, and got two alpha-edits in. In two weeks. Because I rock. (Or am a crazy glutton for deadlines. New resolution: no more deadlines in 2013! Errrr, well, maybe just one or two.)

Now I just need to revise based on the professional editor’s notes, rather than my own.

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