Take Your Parent to Work Day

It’s a good thing I got ahead on my Clarion West Write-a-thon goals last week. Because my parents are visiting.


So I’ve declared it “Take Your Parent to Work Day”. You see, I meet up with some other local authors a few times a week, and we sit in a cafe andwork. Oh, we take breaks to chat about our projects or get some brief socializing in, but we’re really about getting 4-hours of solid writing.


And today I’m bringing my dad along. He’s written as a hobby, on and off, for as long as I’ve been alive. Currently, he’s working on a space opera epic. (What I know about it: the humans are long gone, but there’s an British Navy Admiral still around as a hologram. We were discussing the hologram’s motivations last night.) Maybe being around all these serious writers will give him the motivation to finish it.


My project? I’m on my second short story: a futuristic Kitchen Nightmares or Tabatha Takes Over, for a failing terraforming project. For the next person who donates to my Clarion fundraising page, I’ll post a snippet of the WIP.

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