Release: Two Boxed Sets

I’m super-excited to be involved with two boxed sets that just came out. So, if you like getting books for cheap and/or need something to read during your upcoming holiday travel, I can point you at 1600+ pages of awesome.

Damaged Worlds - Louise Marley, Cat Rambo, Janine A. Southard, Cecilia Tan1. Damaged Worlds: A Multi-Author Dystopian Science Fiction Boxed Set Rejecting “This is for your own good…”

I’m in this one! Like it says on the tin, this boxed set is all about creepy dystopian worlds and the not-usually-creepy people who inhabit them. My first two Hive Queen novels are both in this. Also included are a music-related novel by Louise Marley (which won the Endeavour Award in 2001), a Fathomless Abyss tie-in novella by Cat Rambo (does not require previous knowledge of the franchise), and a classic balkanized dystopian novella by Cecilia Tan (which was originally published in Asimov’s and isn’t available elsewhere on the Internet at all).

You can pick it up for only $0.99! Here are some links: B&N Nook. Kobo. Smashwords.

Under an Enchanted Skyline - Peter M. Ball, Phoebe Matthews, Django Wexler, Cedar Blake, Doug Blakeslee, Erik Scott de Bie, Jennifer Brozek, Janine A. Southard2. Under an Enchanted Skyline: Eight Complete Stories of Magic, Adventure, and Mayhem in One Boxed Set

This one, I’m not in. But I did organize all the the authors (including particularly cool people like Django Wexler–most famous for his The Thousand Names) and buy the cover art (and turn it into a boxed set graphic) myself. Of the eight included novellas, it’s got magical IT departments, Cobalt City superheroes (thanks to Nathan Crowder for the permission to use Cobalt City), were-dolphins, ghosts, private investigators, and a LOT of supernatural adventure.

As you might expect, this collection/bundle/set is also 99 cents. Linky land: B&N Nook. Kobo. Smashwords.

Two boxed sets!

Two New Science Fiction Stories

If you like short science fiction, you’re in luck! I’ve got two new stories out for the Kindle this month. Life has been crazy-busy with Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story and organizing TWO boxed sets. Still, here’s some cool stuff for readers who love SF. If you can’t read the fine print in your browser…


I’ve been telling you for weeks that I’d have a Kickstarter for Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story, and here it is. Would you believe it’s a STAFF PICK? The first 30 seconds of the video are from the beginning of the novel, as read by Jon of ManyATrueNerd (because his voice is cooler than mine;…

Videoblog – Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story Sample

In my second ever video blog, I read a sample from my upcoming novel, Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story. So far, I only have one more of these videos planned, so let me know if you think I should continue. Enjoy the video.

Videoblog – Behind the Novel

In my very first video blog ever, I discuss the background for my upcoming novel, Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story, and the Kickstarter I plan to launch for it. I’m planning to do three video blogs as an experiment in the medium. So please let me know if you think they’re worthwhile. Enjoy the video!

Challenge Completed! Sneak peak at Goodwin’s Road.

Every year, I manage to set a ridiculously oversized goal for my Clarion West Write-a-thon project. And every year, I somehow manage it in between bouts of self-doubt and stress shopping. (Also every year, I resolve that I won’t do this again next time. This resolution, obviously, fails.) This year, my goal was to finish…

These Convergent Stars Free Till Sunday

Today through Sunday (27 July 2014), These Convergent Stars is free on the Kindle platform. No matter what country you’re in. If you don’t have a copy yet, and you’re into Terran shapeshifters causing semi-humorous trouble for their alien doppelgangers, now would be a great time to grab one. And to tell your friends. And…

Clarion West Write-a-thon. Again.

For the third year in the row, I’m participating in the Clarion West Write-a-thon. Hence, this blog will probably be about that for the next six weeks. Background – What is Clarion West? Clarion West is a six week intensive course for science fiction and fantasy writers. It’s held in Seattle yearly and boasts some…

Writing Process Blog Tour

Today, I’m participating in the “My Writing Process” blog tour. This tour is all about upcoming work and why the writer is working on it. You can thank Caren Gussoff – an over-intellectual, hyper-ambitious dilettante Didikai living in Seattle, WA who writes speculative and literary fiction — for inviting me to be a part of…

Get Your Copy! Queen & Commander Sequel Now In Stores

The Hive is back in the second Hive Queen novel, Hive & Heist. You can buy an ebook in any of the major stores or on this very website. A space station caper! Is it really stealing when you take back what’s yours? Exhausted and broke, Rhiannon’s Hive limps into John Wayne Station on the…

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