Obligatory Awards Eligibility Post

You know you want to nominate for the Hugo Awards. Since they’re fan based, you get a voice in what is considered awesome SF/F of 2015.

Here’s details on how to nominate for this year’s Hugos, hosted by MidAmericaCon. (Here’s where you go to nominate. What you need is to be a member of this year’s, last year’s, or next year’s WorldCon. Even supporting memberships count. As soon as you have your membership ID and PIN, you’re set to fill out the forms.)

I have four eligible works this year! So when you’re deciding what to nominate, I hope you’ll consider:

Novel Category –
Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story (Read a sample on Amazon.com)

Short Story –
“Call Me Claw” in Athena’s Daughters 2 (Read a sample on Wattpad)
“Death Node” in Joy to the Worlds (Sorry. No sample for this one. Which is a shame because it’s my personal favorite of my eligible short stories)
“Wild Hunt” in Joy to the Worlds (Read a sample on Amazon.com)

Please share your fave stories of the year with me so that I (and anyone reading the comments) get a solid reading list of possible nominees.

Happy voting!

Links to other eligibility lists:
Cat Rambo – Cat makes a giant roundup of other writer’s eligibility posts. Because she awesome? Because she’s the SFWA prez? Because she knows that writers have to band together? Whatever the reason, check out her list of lists!

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